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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


So, the last month has been a bit of a whirlwind. Time sure has flown. I embarked on my new journey as a staffing consultant at Express with three of the best coworkers ever, duh! It sure is a new and excited career I must say. I never ever thought I'd be helping people find jobs but i've enjoyed most moments thus far. Some days are challenging and some people that is for sure, but learning the ins and outs of the industry and trying to be the best that I can be. I still have a lot to learn and have a good coach.  I'm totally thrilled and excited to be working with people, learning more about them, and learning new things myself.

On a family note, not a whole lot has changed at the homestead. We got a new car for me. Saving gas and money. So thats fun. Um, ohhh, and Holden graduated from high chair, to big boy table. Its so cute to see him eat. Such a mini person. How I love him. My love just grows, and grows, and grows for him. He is starting to say and use more words. He's been saying uppy (puppy) and cheese anytime i ask to take his picture or just give him some cheese. LOL. He loves trucks and thinks all trucks are his, and him and Gracie (our cat) are becoming the best of friends.

Lastly, We are going to visit my mother in Austin in less than two weeks! Yay! If anyone has travel advice for a 1.5 year old little boy let me know. I'm sure we're up for a big challenge or suprise. I'll post more pics next time. xoxo