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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Garage Sales

Today was our neighborhood yard sale. How fun is it to go through other people's junk to find your next treasure. I scored a great pier one picture that I'm going to paint and put in our guest bedroom. Totally psyched. Holden got a new hat and a work bench. He is avidly pounding away with the hammer and turning the screws.
I love how these neighborhood sales allow you to meet and interact with new people. Its fun people watching. Just to see what they'll take of yours and to say goodbye to things that were once treasures. I often find myself looking through the things for sale and sneaking them back in to the house. "I will totally wear that again, duh!" My husband will probably shoot me if I bring one more thing back in the house.
Tonight is Nick's first Alumni football game. Wish him luck. I'll post pics if I get some good ones. Kennedy vs. Jefferson at Kingston. I can tell Nick's so excited and nervous. I hope he does good. Maybe some NFL scouts will be there and scoop him up LOL. At least thats what I keep telling him will happen. Heck, a girl can dream. Tomorrow we will clean up from this sale and I get to paint my guest bedroom. yay! we obviously can't keep busy enough here. Always doing something, wishing and praying for a free weekend and then when it gets here we are bored. I dont know how we'll ever retire someday. Nick for sure.  Off to sweat some more, sell some things that were once treasures to us and now will be to someone else. Xoxo

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  1. I love this:) And so true about one mans trash is another mans treasure! Good luck to Nick at the football game!