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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Hello, happy belated 4th of July to everyone. We had a very eventful weekend. One of the best in a long time. I was lucky to have a four day weekend and it was so hard to come back to work. Friday started off with a visit from Shannon, Taylor, and Dad. We grilled out and played Gin. My family is a little obsessed with card games. Saturday after the girls left we went to the Gehrls for a BBQ. It sure was fun. Holden and Nash even took a bath together LOL. It was nice to have a relaxing time with friends and catch up. I loved watching the little men Nash, Carter, and Holden interact, as well as, the big men beat a giant tv to pieces. LOL.
Sunday we had a nice family day-organized for our neighborhood wide garage sale that is July 9th. Come one come all. Lots of kids in the neighborhood and babies, there may be some great finds. On the 4th we went to Belle Plaine. For some reason small town festivities make the holidays seem so much more fun and memorable. The whole town was out for the parade and our family even drove a firetruck. How exciting. Holden got more tootsie rolls then he could eat in a year. Then Nick, Tod and I went golfing. I love it! I want to be pro and get super good. Thats my goal. So if anyone wants to buy me clubs I'll take them! Its relaxing and yet gives me some sort of drive and determination. I love learning new things.

Ya, I'm so cool!

Walking around at Great Grandmas house

Nick and Holden at the parade.

Yesterday was my first "Mommy" day in a long time. Nick and I took a six mile bikeride. (I dont know how my friend Nate rides more) or how Ragbrai riders ride across the state, as I was so exhausted after LOL. I fell asleep for like 2.5 hrs. So i give you all props.
Short work week, can't wait for the weekend. We're always busy doing something new. This weekend Nick is in a Kennedy vs. Jefferson Alumni game. Go Hlav! Come watch if you're bored. Thanks for listening to me ramble. Happy hump day!

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