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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Okay, so what is going on with this weather. How do people live in places where its wet, misty, rainy, cold, depressing all of their lives. OMG. Pretty much going on seven days of nasty weather. To prove , my coworker just had a geese poop on her by the park. Nasty just like that.

Okay, Happy times. First easter was a success, minus overeating. I think Holden loved each and everything and sampled it all once, or twice. Right down to the pie. i love the faces he makes when he tries something new. Like the "sour face" when he tried the cherry pie....or the "yucky face" when he didnt like the green bean casserole, or the "give me more now!" face for the candy. He is so much fun. What would I do without him.

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