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Friday, April 29, 2011


Why do men not get sick as often as women? How come when women are sick and complain, men tell them to suck it up? I would just like to say that when men are sick they are twice as bad as women! Complain twice as much! and are twice as lazy! I'm not bitter, just observant. and if you dont agree, you obviously dont live with one. LOL.
However, I will say  that it is kind of nice when they are sick. They leave you alone, you can go and do what you want. If you're lucky they stay in bed and YOU get the remote for the nite. Perhaps a mani/pedi, etc. And if you take care of them just the slightest bit, you can hold it against them and they "owe" you. I just love IOU's. oh, and bribery. My favorite bribery is for backrubs. I haven't failed yet.
Happy friday everyone. Enjoy the weekend. and Hopefully I'll have some fun pics from Amelia's bday party to post!

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