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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hidden Treasure

Although this is my latest facebook status, I wanted to mark it as a memory here as well. My tender moment with my ALMOST ONE YEAR OLD! Tonight, after playing ball, eating peanut butter and jelly, and finally getting him to drink his bottle with whole milk(not formula yay) my baby and I rocked in his room. I love our rocking chair. Since he was a little nugget I'd sit in there with him. Exploring his face and staring in to his tiny eyes, or just watching him sleep. Brings a tiny tear just thinking how fast this year went. Now instead of me inspecting his tiny features, he's inspecting my larger ones. LOL! Oh how I love when my big boy picks my nose for me while I rock him to sleep! Ah, how their little brains work and explore things. I hope that once he starts talking I have lots more of these funny moments to share. My goal is to document all of the great things that he says and does.
I do know that someday I want to turn this blog in to a book. Working for a printer is great because they inform you of all of the exciting things that technology has to offer. I heard that there is a site that you can turn your blog in to a book. So yaay! So that is my new goal, to make it something we can keep and look back on and laugh at.
Signing out for the evening. I have laundry to do!!! Wahoo.

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