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Monday, June 6, 2011

Beautiful Weekend

Although the heat was ridiculous, the weekend was really fun in the Hlavacek world. Nick was out of town at a softball tournament in Burlington Iowa with his team 911. It was just a perfect me and Holden kind of weekend. Here is what we did
Saturday morning we attended our first Farmer's Market. Holden loved watching all of the people. He insists that when he puts his hat and flippy flops on that its time to go outside so he was ready for the big event.
The rest of the day we napped (4 hrs wahoo) Then our friends Caroline and Nash came over. Nash and Holden love to play. They went down the slide and even rode on the rollercoaster together. What a blast. Target and groceries came next. At home we practiced reading. He amazes me. When I ask him where things are on the page he points to them! We showed that off to Daddy and Grams and they were so impressed.
Yesterday (Sunday) We swam some more in the pool. Holden loves playing soccer and in the water outside so we had a good time. Nick was home too so he let me lay out while he played with Holden. I took a few pictures yesterday and recreated a picture that my mom and I had when I was a baby. Its the one of Holden on my lap in the pool. I thought she'd get a kick out of that.
Thats all for now. Happy Monday everyone. keep Hydrated!! Heat index is 105 today. eeek

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