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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our First Fever

So much for a three day weekend! Holden started a small fever Thursday and we controlled it somewhat with Tylenol, Friday it grew and was up to 102.5 in the morning. 104.1 and off to the doctor. First off, dont go to Urgent Care on Edgewood. They are not so urgent. I was in tears as my baby's cheeks turned neon pink and he moaned of pain. The doctor said its viral, not strep. Can't do anything..control with ibuprofen and Tylenol. Saturday night he was in his room moaning again. Poor buddy. Crying and I checked his temp with the tushy thermometer and it said 106! ER here we went. We were there from 1 to 3 am and thankfully they gave him amoxicillan. Poor buddy had a throat infection. To top all of this he is getting all his big boy molars. Ahh. life of a teething  and sick baby is tough. Our Memorial Day weekend was spent like this.
Monday he seemed to be doing so much better. He even got to go swimming in his little pool. Daddy and Mommy finally got to do outdoor activities and get a tan, I LOVE BEING TAN! And we also got good sleep. Not a super eventful fun weekend, but an eventful weekend overall. Um, I am kind of boring this week, but wanted to continue to write.
I'm in a little burnout/rut however. Missing my girlfriends, missing the gossip, the being carefree, roadtrips, late nights, etc. I feel so routine lately. I am grateful beyond words for my happy family, but the weeks sometimes go so fast and drag at the same time. I feel like i dont get to catch up with the girls as much as i used to, and for sure have less and less me time. I find myself going to Hy-vee like everynight just to get out of the house once Holden is asleep. My little "escape". Im sure its just a little phase or rut and I'll snap out of it. But I must say a girls weekend or even day is a must.
Well, thats all for now. Miss and love all my girls, and our families far away. xoxo!

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